Monday, April 18, 2011

Awesome Desaru.

We started our day with meeting our friends and teachers at school at 7am. 
Then we went to TUAS checkpoint. 
We were being fetched by the tour guide, Uncle Ramli a.k.a Uncle Li, from the checkpoint.
 In our journey to Gelang Patah, he introduced us histories of Johor. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to gather the information as THE  BOTH OF US fell asleep.

When we reached Gelang Patah, we had given only 10 minutes to have our breakfast. Both of us had Burger Ramly Special with cheese. After having our breakfast we made our way to Desaru Fruit Farm. It took us around two hours to reach there. Uncle Li told us that on our way there, we will see a lot of huge Coconut trees that were planted. The city profits a huge sum of money due to the coconut rubber. Before we alight, one of the staff summarized us about the place that we are going to. 

Without our realization, we finally reached the Desaru Fruit Farm. We are precisely enthusiastic. The staff introduced to the trees.

So here are some plants that I would like to share :

This is the Guava plant. It contains Vitamin C and is three times better than orange. 
It is covered by the plastic to prevent it from insects, rain and over-heating of sunlight.
It is also said that it's branch can remove big pimples at our face.

The dragon fruit.

Durian. It is also known as The King of Fruits.
It contains Vitamin A & B, Fats and Carbohydrates.
People who have high blood pressure must not eat Durians.

Roselle. It contains Vitamin A & C, Proteins and Minerals.
It is good for people who have cough.

Basil. This is good for body odour. 

After the introductions of the fruit trees,
 we made our way to the mini zoo which is located near the fruit farm. 

The rabbits are so adorable. Its furs are so fluffy! Besides the rabbits, the goats are cute too although they have their saliva all over their mouths. Unfortunately, we did not spend a lot of time with them. We are really missing those cute and adorable animals.


After our visit to the mini zoo, we went to the honey section. 

They showed us the varieties of honey. 
Both of us bought the honey that are told that it is pure but actually it is not. Yes, we feel so cheated. However, the honey tastes pretty good!

We gathered with the boys and teachers to have our buffet lunch,
 that was served by the Desaru Fruit Farm. 
As what we expected, they are a lot fruits and vegetables and other sort of dishes.
 We had lime juice for our drinks. 

We leave that place and we headed to the nearest mosque to perform our zohor prayers before proceeding to the Kota Tinggi Museum. The museum are full of legendary stories and histories.
They also displayed Malay traditional clothing, games, musical instruments, and etcetera. 

The map.
Collection of antique and modern bikes.

Collections of the traditional kris.

The old canon.

Traditional Kurung.

During the old times, the women wore the sarong to carry the babies.
Teacher Azam (:

This is Dato' Onn Ja'afar, the president and founder of UMNO.

The malay called this ' Nyiru ' It is to harvest the paddy.

Model of the villages during the old times.

 We did not spend long time in the museum though as we had to make a move to mini Kelantan.
We were crazy when we went there because there are a lots of things to shop!
From dresses, to bags, to shoes and wonderful cloths.

The Mini Kelantan there is like Geylang.
Bought myself a floral dress which originally costs 48 ringgit. 
Unexpectedly, the aunty gave me discount as she knows that I am a student from Singapore. 
So, I just have to pay 40 ringgit. Worth my money! :D
Nasuha just bought some foods like
friend bananas and the lekor crackers! yummy! 

 The lekor crackers are so delicious! and we miss it!

Then, we went to Plaza Kota Tinggi.
It is like a normal shopping mall with a lot of branded stuffs like Adidas, Levis, Everlast and etc.
We did not take any pictures here because we are so busy window-shopping.
We did not bought anything there. We performed our Asar prayers there too.

Next, we went to Gelang Patah to perform our Maghrib prayers Jamaah together with my beloved classmates. After praying, we had our dinner together.
Both of us are separated as Nasuha took the bus back to school
 and I took the bus to Jurong East MRT station. 
We went home.

This is such a tiring yet one of the most wonderful trip we have ever went to.
We enjoyed it very much and we hope that Teacher Azam will conduct another trip for us.